Every parent knows that getting their child to brush their teeth regularly is a challenge. Teaching kids good dental habits is definitely a twice-daily battle. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to speech delays, dental pain, infection and diabetes. While tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease in children aged 6-10. 

Oral hygiene is closely linked to your children’s overall health, and making sure they receive proper dental education early on will help them maintain their overall health throughout their lifetime.

The following five methods make brushing and flossing fun, regular and part of daily routines. 

Start the Oral Hygiene Early 

Did you know you can start taking care of your child’s oral hygiene before their first tooth arrives? During early infancy, practice wiping down their gums with a damp cloth. Please switch to a toothbrush when their teeth come in around six months. This will not allow start oral hygiene at a young age, but it will accustom them to the process!

Set A Good Example

Practice what you preach! Every parent knows that their child emulates what they see their parents do. Introduce your child to brushing their teeth through your actions. 

Turn Toothbrushing into a Game

Turn tooth brushing into a game by trying some of the following;

  • Brush During Commercial Break (Get it done before the show comes back on!)
  • Set a Timer (Hourglass timer), brush until the sand reaches the bottom
  • Play Their Favourite Song
  • Offer Incentives (Stay up a little bit later)

Choose the right tools

Brushing and flossing can be difficult and boring with little hands. Many age-appropriate toothbrushes and tools for young children are designed for their basic needs. Many stores even offer toothbrushes designed around their favourite characters or action figures!

Creating a fun and engaging routine for your child will set them on the right path for a long-lived future of fantastic dental hygiene. For more information about dental hygiene for your young ones, feel free to call our office!


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