Did you know that Dentistryon88 now offers a 24-Hour Emergency Line, open 7 days a week for both New AND Existing Patients?

If you have a dental emergency or dental pain that will not go away, call us immediately. Our hotline is in place to address, advise and deal with emergency situations the moment they occur! Dental pain that is ignored or left untreated can develop into more serious dental issues. 

Dental Emergencies Consist of the Following;

– Toothache
– Chipped or Broken Tooth
– Knocked-out Tooth
– Badly Bitten Lip or Tongue
– Something Stuck Between Teeth
– Lost Filling
– Etc. 

The Most Common Dental Emergencies;

– Knocked-Out Tooth
– Swollen Gums

How to Deal with a Knocked-out Tooth;

If you are experiencing a dental emergency where a tooth becomes dislodged from your mouth, find the tooth and place it in milk as soon as possible and contact your dentist immediately. If you do not have milk, clean the tooth off with water and try to place it back into the tooth socket of your mouth. If you cannot place the tooth into the socket again, keep the tooth in your mouth between your teeth and gums so that it is coated with your saliva.

How to Deal with Swollen Gums;

Swollen gums can be due to gum disease, a foreign object stuck under the gums, or due to an infection. If flossing does not help reduce swelling of the gums, see us right away to avoid further pain and other potential dental issues.

If you are experiencing a dental-related emergency, call our Dentistryon88 Emergency Hotline. No matter the time of day, we are here to address your urgent needs and provide you with the quality care needed to rectify the situation. Whether it be advice or care, the Dentistryon88 team is available to serve you anytime, anyplace!

For Dental Emergencies, please call; 647-615-4788 (24/7)


We welcome all new patients and try to see all emergency appointments right away.
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