Technologically Driven Dental Practice In Bradford, ON

When we opened Dentistry on 88, our primary goal was to provide the best dental care to our patients in a safe and comfortable setting. This is why we have invested in multiple dental technologies to ensure we can provide top-notch dental care based on the most current dental research.

Digital X-Ray Technology

Our office uses digital x-ray technology, which provides many benefits to our patients. Compared to traditional film x-rays, digital x-ray technology is far more efficient, resulting in lower radiation rates of up to 90% per x-ray. As well, digital x-rays are instantly generated and shown on the screen where both we can see them and our patients can see them. The large display format of having the digital x-rays on the screen allows us to easily spot things that could be missed on much smaller film x-rays. We also have an on-site Panorex machine, which takes digital 180-degree x-ray scans of your mouth, which helps diagnose wisdom teeth issues and root canal treatment options.

digital xray dentist bradford dental office

Modern Sterilization Centre

Keeping our patients safe means the world to us, which is why we have invested in a modern and high-efficiency dental sterilization centre. All dental tools are properly cleaned and sterilized to meet or exceed current dental infection control guidelines. Rest assured that during COVID-19, we have all measures in place to ensure that all dental instruments are properly sterilized. Our office also features a filtered water system to ensure that our water source is pristine.

dentistry on 88 bradford sterilization area

Medical-Grade HEPA Filter Technology

To combat COVID-19, our office has installed 4-stage medical-grade HEPA air filter purifiers throughout the office and in each operatory room to quickly cleanse the air of 99.97% harmful aerosols.

High-Efficiency Suction Systems

We have also installed high-efficiency suction systems in our treatment rooms to capture all aerosols generated during dental procedures. This system used in conjunction with our air purifier machines drastically reduces the number of harmful aerosols to extremely low levels.

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