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Root Canal Treatment In Bradford, ON

Most people begin to worry when they hear the term root canal or root canal treatment. While root canal treatment is associated with being a negative experience, the procedure is routine and can save a tooth from extraction.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

The goal of root canal treatment is to remove the infected blood vessels and nerves from the inside of the tooth that are causing pain to the patient. Once the offending nerves and blood vessels are removed, a special filling material is inserted into the inner portion of the tooth to replace the removed nerves and blood vessels.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Whenever a tooth is damaged or injured due to trauma or infection, the tooth’s pulp, which is made of nerves and blood vessels are affected and may begin to die. When this happens, the tooth must have a root canal to remove the affected tissues. If the tooth is not treated or extracted from the mouth, it will cause severe pain, swelling and infection that is extremely harmful.

Commons reasons for a root canal:

  • A cavity that reaches the nerves and blood vessels in the tooth.
  • Trauma to the tooth, such as a hard blow to the tooth.
  • A tooth that is cracked or broken due to decay or trauma.

Signs That You May Need Root Canal Treatment

  • Formation of a “gum boil” or pimple forming on the gum above the affected tooth.
  • The tooth takes on a dark colour after sustaining an injury.
  • Moderate to severe pain and pain when eating hot foods.
  • Facial swelling.

Root Canal Process

  • An assessment of the affected area through dental x-rays by your dentist
  • Anaesthetic is used to numb the area to ensure your comfort during treatment
  • Removal of the affected blood vessels and nerves
  • Cleaning of the infection
  • Sealing of the inside of the tooth using gutta-percha material and the top of the tooth.

Getting Started

A root canal is performed in one or two appointments depending on your unique dental needs. If you experience the signs or symptoms that accompany a tooth that may need a root canal, contact us today to schedule your visit, or free consultation now. We look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions or addressing your concerns.


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