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Invisalign Clear Braces In Bradford, ON

Have you been considering enhancing your smile through straightening your teeth? Changing the position of teeth and reducing any spaces in between teeth is a great way to enhance your smile. Straight teeth also make it easier to clean your teeth and reduce the risk of gum disease issues. You will be presented with two treatment options usually when it comes to straightening your teeth, the use of metal braces or a clear aligner system such as Invisalign. Learn all about Invisalign and the benefits that it provides.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that relies on the use of a set of clear plastic aligner trays to gradually and comfortably shift your teeth into a straight position. The clear aligner trays are easily removable by the wearer when necessary for flossing or eating.

Benefits Of Invisalign Treatment

Easier Time Cleaning Your Teeth

With metal braces, special tools are required to clear under the metal wires and around the metal brackets. However, with Invisalign treatment, the Invisalign trays can be easily removed by the patient so that normal brushing and flossing can take place easily. After you are finished brushing and flossing, you simply insert the Invisalign trays again.

Less Food Acculumation

Because metal brackets add more surface area to a tooth, it acts as an easy area for leftover food and plaque to stick to. Invisalign trays do not have this issue because they can be removed before eating.

Enjoy All Your Favourite Foods

While wearing metal braces, you are advised to stay away from certain foods or items such as popcorn, chewing gum, sticky foods, hard foods, etc. Since you can remove your aligner trays before a meal, you will not encounter any food restrictions.

More Comfortable

Some patients find that the metal wires or brackets can press into their lips and cheeks. With Invisalign, patients report little to zero discomfort during treatment due to the soft plastic aligner trays.

Invisalign Considerations

While there are many benefits of Invisalign treatment, there are some orthodontic cases that may not be easily treatable through Invisalign trays. In complex orthodontic cases, the use of metal braces may be required.

The Invisalign Process

The first step is to have a consultation with your dentist to ensure that you are the right candidate for Invisalign. Most patients fit the criteria to have Invisalign treatment. If you are a candidate, your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan that will give you an idea of the treatment cost and treatment length. If you agree to go ahead with treatment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to help with the fabrication of the series of aligner trays you will wear. You will be required to wear your trays for up to 22 hours daily. Your dentist will advise you when you should discard your old trays, and replace them with the next trays in the series. Over time, the different aligner trays in the series will gradually shift your teeth into place.

You will be required to see your dentist every six to eight weeks to monitor your Invisalign progress.

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