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Dental Implants In Bradford, ON

A missing tooth should always be replaced, and it should be replaced soon after a natural tooth is lost. Failure to replace a missing tooth will result in nearby teeth moving or drifting into the space occupied by the lost tooth. However, it may be difficult to decide on a tooth replacement option when so many options exist. Learn why dental implants are the perfect tooth replacement option for most patients.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a metal screw that is surgically placed into your jawbone. Dental implants are made of a bio-compatible material such as titanium so that it does not cause any issues after it is placed. As well, dental implants are designed to permanently fuse with the natural bone in your jaw, unlike every other tooth replacement option currently available.

Once the dental implant is placed in the jaw bone and has properly fused to your natural bone, the next step is to attach the top tooth replacement dental crown portion to finalize the dental implant placement. Your dentist will place a crown that is perfectly matched to the colour, shape and size of your surrounding teeth for a natural and seamless look. Not only do dental implants look just like your natural teeth, they feel like them too!

Benefits Of A Dental Implant

No other tooth replacement option offers as many benefits as a dental implant.

Built To Last A Lifetime

Dental implants are designed to last your lifetime when they are cared for properly, and when your dentist completes routine maintenance.

They Look & Feel Just Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants can be flossed and cleaned just like you would clean your natural teeth. No special cleaning tools are required to clean a dental implant, unlike cleaning a dental bridge of a partial denture.

Enjoy All Foods Without Restriction

With some tooth replacement options, it is hard to get a good bite of tough foods such as steak. Since a dental implant permanently fuses to your jawbone, they are stable and secure like your natural teeth to allow you to eat all foods without issue.

Improved Speaking Confidence

Full or partial dentures are prone to slipping over time due to bone lone in the mouth, which leads to difficulties speaking and eating. The stable fit of a dental implant means you no longer have to worry.

Prevents Localized Bone Loss

When a tooth is lost, the bone that used to surround and support that tooth begins to shrink. A dental implant prevents shrinking of bone by permanently fusing to bone in the area of the missing tooth.

Getting Started

The process of having a dental implant placed varies for each patient, and so does the treatment length. Contact us today to schedule your visit, or free consultation now. We look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions or concerns you may have.



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