Are you looking for a new dentist or a second opinion? We make it easy for you to schedule a visit with us, whether you are looking for treatment, or looking for a consultation. Learn more about what you can expect during your visits with us. As well, we have answered some common questions that most new patients have.

What To Expect During Your First Visit

Before your appointment with us, you will fill out some new patient forms so that we can learn a little bit about your dental history. These forms can be filled out before you come into the office, or about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Next, you will be given a tour of our dental office and a chance to meet our friendly staff, before your treatment begins. Your dental professional will review your dental history and chat with you to learn a little more about your dental concerns, or to answer any dental questions before treatment begins. Most new patients can expect to have a thorough dental exam and some x-rays as part of their treatment plan.


Dental Insurance

We accept most dental insurance plans. As well, we bill directly to most insurance companies electronically on your behalf to save you time. We can also help you to maximize your dental insurance plan and answer dental insurance coverage issues during your visit with us. Contact us today to learn more.


We welcome all new patients and try to see all emergency appointments right away.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You See Kids?

Absolutely, we love kids! Our friendly staff is trained to make your child’s visit as comfortable as possible. If your child is nervous about going to the dentist, we can give them a ride in the dental chair to help get them accustomed to the office before their actual appointment date.


I Am In Pain, Do I Need To See The Dentist?

Yes, if you are in pain, it is vital to visit your dentist right away to address the cause of the pain, and to prevent it from escalating. If your pain is due to biting on a hard object, or due to if you have cut your gums or tongue, they may heal on their own after one to two weeks. However, if you experience pain where the cause is unknown, or if the pain lasts for more than a few days, or intensifies, you should see your dentist right away. Often, waiting too long will result in more invasive and costly treatment.


How Often Should I Visit The Dentist?

While most people are familiar with going to the dentist every 6 months, there are certain reasons why you may need to come in more often than that. Your dental professional will consider your dental history and current oral condition when deciding on the best treatment frequency for your oral health.


I Am Not Happy With My Smile, What Are My Options?

We offer the full range of cosmetic dental options. This means that you can have a small chip on your tooth fixed, or you can radically change the look of your entire smile through a complete smile makeover.


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