What is better than a bright, white smile?

With Cosmetic Dentistry on the rise, teeth whitening is a common procedure that is safe for most patients. Although, a whiter smile is not necessary for oral health if teeth and gums are kept clean and healthy, many patients enjoy the brightness of their smile after treatment. It is proven that a whiter smile is shown to improve the confidence of some patients!

There are two treatments available at Dentistryon88 to help you achieve a bright smile!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-Office Teeth Whitening is the most popular option available here at our practice. The treatment is performed by a dental professional during your scheduled appointment. This option uses whitening gel agents that are high in concentration compared to the whitening agents used take-home whitening treatments or the ones purchased in stores. In-Office Whitening agents are high in strength and lead to faster results. This type of treatment can be completed within one to two visits and is tailored for patients who want quick results. The use of these high concentrations must be administered and supervised by a dental professional.

In-Office Whitening typically involves the use of a whitening gel, a special light and in some cases, a custom whitening tray that fits over your teeth.

The other option offered here at our practice is our convenient, Take-Home Whitening Kits!

Take-Home Whitening

Compared to In-Office Whitening, Take-Home Whitening provides patients with the option to whiten their own smile at their own convenience, in the comfort of their own home.

This treatment uses the same agents found in our other option, at a lower concentration so that they can be used safely. This type of treatment is best when time is not a factor! At-home whitening typically takes one to two weeks to achieve the desired results. Patients who opt for a take-home whitening kit typically require custom whitening trays to use the gels in a safe manner.

Our Dental Office offers many services to help you enhance both your oral health and confidence. For more information about Teeth Whitening, specials that may be available and whether or not you are a good fit, please contact our office.


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