A pediatric dentist is a professional dedicated to children’s oral health from infancy through teenage years and is both qualified and experienced to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout one’s various stages of childhood.

At the approximate age of 6-months, children begin to get their baby teeth, and by the age of 6-7, they start to lose their first set of teeth. Secondary, permanent teeth replace the first set of teeth. With a lack of proper dental care, children face the possibility of oral disease and decay that can cause pain and complications throughout their lifetime.

What Types of Treatments do Pediatric Dentists Provide?

Pediatric Dentists provide comprehensive dental care, including the following;

– Preventative Dental Care (cleaning, fluoride treatments, recommendations related to nutrition and diet)

– Infant Oral Health Exams

– Early Assessments and Treatments for straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite

– Repair of tooth cavities and defects

– Diagnosis of Oral Conditions

– Care for Dental Injuries

– Management of various gum diseases

– Etc.

Children are not always cooperative during dental exams, and there is often fear and anxiety associated with each visit. At Dentistryon88, we focus on examining children in ways that make them feel most comfortable. Our office is equipped with kid-friendly activities and rewards to lessen the fear associated with the dentist.

Every parent wants the best for their children, so why not book your next visit with Dentistryon88?

To ensure the health of your children’s teeth, we recommend bringing them to the dentist as early as possible. Early dental visits reduce the costs of oral care and lead to brighter smiles down the road!

Dentistryon88 provides dental care for the ENTIRE family, not just your children. It is essential to find a dentist who can not only service your needs throughout various stages of life but your children too.

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