When looking for a new dentist, there a variety of questions that you should consider asking. Trying to find a new dentist does not need to be time consuming or difficult, but depending on your needs there are certain aspects that you should consider.

Everyone’s situation is different and everyone will have questions specific to their individual needs. Maybe you are moving and don’t know where to start looking. Perhaps your dentist is closing their practice or you no longer enjoy your current practice? Whatever the situation is, finding the perfect dentist does not need to be a challenge.

Some Questions to Ask a New Dentist

  1. Is the practice accepting new patients?
  2. How long has the dentist been in practice?
  3. Does the dentist see both children and adults?
  4. Does the dentist offer any new patient specials?
  5. How are the reviews online about the dentist?
  6. What is their Social Media Presence like?
  7. Is the office convenient to your work or home?
  8. Are the office hours accommodating to your schedule?
  9. What kind of emergency/after-hour care does the dentist offer?
  10. Does the office accept your insurance?
  11. What kind of payment plans are available?
  12. Does the office file claim or do you have to do it yourself?

If you are prepared and educated in finding a new dentist, the experience should be simple. Since Dentists play a very important role in your health, it is important to find a practitioner who you are comfortable with. With constant advancements in the dental field, it is important to place emphasis on a practice that stays up to date with the latest technology and education.

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