With Christmas around the corner and Black Friday approaching, there is no better time to start your Holiday Shopping. Christmas is a joyous holiday enjoyed by people of all ages! There is no doubt that finding the perfect gift can be challenging, but at Dentistryon88, we have you covered on all aspects of gift-giving this Holiday season!

The following list displays some of our favourite ideas to give your loved ones this year!


Ranging in price, electric toothbrushes can cost anywhere between twenty dollars to two-hundred dollars. Given that many can’t seem to justify some of the hefty prices, it is the perfect gift to give during this time of year (especially with all of the sales). It is a product that many would like to have and get an extended amount of use out of. They vary in styles and types and even come in styles suited for children!


Stocking stuffers are a must have for Christmas and often, many struggle with what to fill their holiday stocking with each year. Instead of random items, floss, floss picks, toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental related items are not only useful but very affordable, making the perfect pick for stocking stuffers!


What is better than a gift that is easily accessible? Gift Cards can be purchased for or at almost any store. Whether they be for those who love clothing, food, coffee, tools, or even activities, gift cards make the perfect gift. Gift Cards are also a cost-effective option as you can choose and apply almost any amount!


Since everyone drinks water, a fancy canteen or water bottle is the perfect addition to any gift. Not only are they convenient and reusable, but they also benefit the environment. Brands like Clean Canteen, Hydraflask and Yeti make multiple variations of their trendy water bottles and are very popular in today’s market!


There is really no better gift than a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Living in today’s digital age, almost everyone has a cellphone or laptop that would pair wonderfully with a beautiful pair of new Bluetooth headphones. They work for family members of all ages! Whether they be from Apple, Bose or Beats by Dre, they are sure to be a fan favourite!

For more gift ideas, keep up to date with our Instagram & Facebook pages where we will be posting more ideas until the new year! For any dental related inquires, please contact Dentistryon88.


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