Film x‑rays or digital x‑rays? Dentistry on 88 chooses to use digital x‑rays. Why? Because you and your dental health are our top priority.

Digital x‑rays are a wonderful advancement in dental technology. Digital x‑ray imaging uses digital sensors instead of traditional photographic film. Digital x‑rays reduce the amount of radiation exposure and often promotes better diagnostics due to better image quality. They also save time since the process is faster. Digital dental x‑rays let dentists take images safely and effectively while offering the following benefits:

Reduced Exposure to Radiation

When using digital x‑rays; dentists significantly reduce their patient’s exposure to radiation. Digital dental imaging does not produce as much radiation as film x-rays because it is faster, so patients don’t have to be exposed for as long. Digital dental x-rays typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more.

Dental X‑Ray Image Enhancements

Digital dental x‑rays allow control of the exposure of images in real-time to make images darker or lighter. Images can be enlarged, and the brightness and contrast of the images can be adjusted, which improves detection of disease. Patients can easily understand dentists’ instructions when they are shown enhanced images leading to faster diagnosis.

Higher Quality Imaging

The sooner dentists can catch cavities and other dental problems, the easier and less expensive the treatment can be. Catching dental problems early requires quality imaging equipment. Digital x‑rays provide image quality that can surpass traditional film bringing out tiny fractures and imperfections that might have been missed on film. Compared to film x‑rays, digital x‑rays allow dentists to take more precise, detailed pictures of patients’ teeth.

A digital image is much more likely to pick up cavities when they’re still small enough to be fixed with non‑invasive fluoride treatments. They can also catch development problems, cysts, bone loss, tumours and decay earlier than other forms of x‑rays can.

As you can see, digital radiography offers several benefits when compared with traditional film – based x‑rays. This explains our decision to “go digital” in our new office.

If you have any questions about digital dental x-rays, their benefits, or have any other questions, please contact us.


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